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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Almost a Desperado

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Nightmares.. I thought they should would stay above my bed.

I t-h-o-u-g-h-t.

Is it not?

In fact, they do happen in reality.

Embracing my dreams, hoping that they would come true.

However, reality just won't agree to my way.

Instead, I've got something called "desperate".

I wouldn't want to bound to it.

Not me. And definitely not my dreams.

After all, hard work don't really earn you anything, I guess.

"Success is 99% hard work and 1% luck" only applies to The Great Edison.

Not to me. Not to you. Not to NOW.

The philosophy now is "Hard work is just the basic".

Victory is still 50% luck and 50% talent. See?

What has made of Hard Work? Barely a 1%.

That makes me Almost a Desperado.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sienz Ar Sienz

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The title looks a bit like foreign language if you don't understand Rojak language. *grin*

Hi blog! I'm here again~ Implying that I'm too free to do nothing. Currently I'm no more a student, not yet a graduate, and unemployed - a michong (米虫). It's very sienz (Hokkien: boring) staying like a michong... Sadly, I'm gonna live like this until I have further plans. Whatever plan will do, as long as I want it.

Talking about plans, actually I do did have a holiday to-do-planning. Nonetheless, as days had passed, none of them seem like coming true. LOL A lot of factors involved and srsly I doesn't want to discuss 'em here. The main issue of all is, I'm doing myself a lip service. Didn't put effort more than that to execute the plan. Thus, I envy my siblings, they seems....busy.

Pardon my stupid complaint/bragging, emptiness can drive me somewhat mad sometimes, especially late at night and I can't push myself to sleep early (and be a good kid). [Hey! I ain't a kid anymore. So sad~ Whatever..] Forget about this after you read, I'm used to be be ignored anyway. (you must have thought you wasted your time reading, in fact I'm wasting mine to write this lol Fair enough? I guess.) Haha..


Okay, something for sharing in case someone decided to throw me rotten eggs and stones for the mumbling above. I watched this anime <Kids on the Slope> over my SWOT (aka study for exam) week. I found its OST truly amusing, the jazz pieces impressed me, if I was given one word to describe it, it would be love <3

This song is one of my favorites found in the OST - <Lullaby of Birdland>. The original song is indeed an oldies (very old one because the anime set its time at the 60s) but this covered version is so beautiful! *hearts* The singer is a Japanese but I guess you won't figure it out if you had only listen to the song.

Now, sit back Now, load, sit back and enjoy the song. :)

Lullaby of Birdland
Covered by Teshima Aoi
 From the <Sakamichi no Apollon> OST


'Lullaby of Birdland', that's what I
always hear, when you sigh

Never in my woodland
Could there be words to reveal 
in a phrase how I feel.

Have you ever heard two turtle doves
bill and coo when they love
That's the kind of magic music
we make with our lips, when we kiss.

*And there's a weepy ol' willow,
he really knows how to cry...
That's how I'd cry in my pillow,
if you should tell me farewell and goodbye.

'Lullaby of Birdland' whisper low
kiss me sweet and we'll go.
Flyin' high in Birdland
high in the sky up above
We're in love *



It's raining outside now, have a sweet dream, I hope :)